Them are They – Live

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Them are They – Live

One of the best things about working in Derby is the small but talented local music scene. One band I’d been looking forward to hearing and shooting was Them are They.
Them are They

The 2 piece were playing their second gig, this time at The Venue┬ásupporting some tremendous local talent. I’ve been able to work with both before as I’ve performed in a band with Tim (Guitar) and Tom’s (drums) other band Scribble Victory has worked with Triskelle Pictures on the soundtrack to their film ‘Night Owls’.

I have also been able to work with the Scribble Victory guys on both headshots and promotional photos for the band.

As with all low light shooting situations I was very glad of the wide open f1.8 aperture of Canon’s 85mm USM and the mighty ‘nifty 50’. Both of these are great for gigs and create good clear images combined with the solid low light performance of the Canon body.Them are They

I will certainly be looking to catch both bands playing again as they continue their run of gigs in and around Derbyshire.