I’ve been making photos since my grandad gave me a Praktica film camera when I was in high school…
In a time when everyone has a camera in their pockets it's more important than ever for businesses and public figures to have unique images to represent them and stand out from the crowd. My aim when working with anyone is to produce photography that will represent you or your business and showcase your unique qualities and personality.
If you're a performer, the chances are your first impression on a client or fan may be your image on a website. For businesses the visual elements that make up your branding are integral to your brand as a whole. Rather than shooting the same set of images for everyone I work with, I believe it's essential to take the time to work out how best to represent things. 
Having been under the microscope of being recorded (both in live performance and in the studio as a musician) I understand the need for sessions to be kept light and enjoyable in order to get the best out of them. A comfortable shoot will always result in a better image and this approach is a huge part of how I work.
Although the equipment may have changed, the enthusiasm for capturing interesting and beautiful images has stayed. Since working with bands and live performers I’ve developed an eye for moments rather than just a technically well arranged image and it’s this approach that has led me to love portrait photography.
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And for anyone wondering... I still have that first camera!
My  first camera!
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