A headshot session will always start with a chat about the roles or work you’re aiming for. This will help guide the shoot and ensure the final shots are appropriate for the kind of work you’re aiming for.

Whenever possible I will shoot tethered to a computer, I find this approach enables me to give far greater amounts of feedback and help when it comes to positioning and pose. It also means you can see the images properly as they come from the camera. I find when you can see your progress throughout the shoot you will end up more able to comfortably achieve the shots you’re looking for.

A basic headshot session is £100

This includes 90 minutes of shooting time and can include indoor and outdoor shots. It will also include some time midway through the shoot to examine the shots so far and help refocus the progress if necessary.

I find because of my style of shooting and the ability to view your images as they are taken, we will be able to decide on your strongest pictures on the day of the shoot. Whether or not we are able to shoot tethered, time will be made at the end of the shoot to review your images and decide on the 5 best. These 5 will be finished and edited before being delivered digitally within 3 days of the shoot.

Post production and retouching is included but excessive retouching will be avoided to ensure that your final images are an accurate depiction of you!

If you would like to book more time for the shoot or you would like to arrange a more customised package I’m happy to assist in arranging this. I can also add on travel if you would rather shoot in a certain venue or location.

Please get in touch via the contact page to discuss this with me directly.